November 1, 2015:  This article did not receive positive attention when it was introduced in 2010. It was controversial. Dr. Anthony (Tony) Michael Whitehead, chemistry professor emeritus from McGill University in Montreal,  said: “This paper was rejected by several Physics Journals. It was rejected by NIST and all Chemical Journals. And, I was told off by the granting agencies!! I put it in my Festschrift so as not to lose it!”
It has been uploaded to this WordPress site so it can be more easily re-examined by scholars in order to study the mathematics and the concepts and conclusions, both the very nature of the computations, the actual results, and the interpretation of those results. If the computational concepts have legitimacy, and if the computations themselves are reasonably sound, it behooves all of us to discuss the inherent first principles implied by the results of this mathematics.


Bruce Camber


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